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Things to do / Attractions

Our cabins are at a perfect location for those interested in salomon fishing and beautiful nature, but if you want a more urban experience Kristiansand is only 30 minutes away and can offer everything from a zoo – which is Norways most visited attraction – ocean-rafting, museums and a bustling nightlife!

See altso «Visit Norway» for other attractions (scroll down to «see what’s nearby»)

Please contact us if you have further questions about the activities and the attractions in the area!

Salmon fishing

Tovdalselva was regarded as the country’s third best salmon river in the late 1800s. In the 1800s it was taken up to 18 000 kg of salmon annually. Today, there is being done a continious job on increase the salomon stock, to the delight of anglers from home and abroad.

Tovdalselva offers a varity of fishing from the sea level and 35 km up, inclusive Herefoss fjord where the salmons’ journey ends. In addition to salmon, the river offers fishing for sea trout, trout, perch, whitefish, eel among other kinds.

Fishing in Tovdalselva is allowed from 1st of June to 31st of August. In some areas of the river fishing is permitted all year long.

Licenses for fishing is sold on only),, «Grønberg Sport», «Tveit snarkjøp» and «Best Birkeland». A new fish ladder leading salmon up to Birkeland / Herefoss.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help bying a license.


Rafting is an exciting but safe ride for the little ones and is eminently suitable as a family activity. Before the tour starts, you will meet the guide and get a review of the instructions and safety precautions. Then you will be aware of the highlights down river rapids – with much fun and surfing down the beautiful «Syrtveitsfossen».

See «TrollAktiv» for more info ->

Top hikes

Thousands of people each year take the hike up to one of the «peaks» in Birkenes county. There are 16 different official tops with markings and signs.

For information about any of these – and other hiking destinations, visit The municipality is also good with multilingual information about the tours and can be downloaded here (68 MB) or read directly online here


GBfestivalen held every year, 2nd weekend in July. A music festival where you can also find artists and entertainment along the riverbank, while the river stream is taking you down Tovdalselva in a boat. Visit for more information


Birkenes has several international medals in both skiing and biathlon. The foundation is laid in the local slopes. Among several possibilities, «Øynaheia / Toplandsheia» probably has the best courses in the south of Norway and offers courses suitable for young and old.

Here you will find status and weather forecast in relation to the courses. Maps and information can be downloaded here (1MB)